10 Kitchen Organization Ideas You Wish You Had

In any home, the kitchen is where people tend to congregate. It’s where the family can connect, discuss their day, and even let off a little steam now and again. Unfortunately it’s also the one room in the home that can get completely out of control if not given enough attention. The entire house could become a disaster zone but so long as the kitchen is clean life can go on. If you’ve ever had a messy kitchen you’ll know what it’s like trying to sort through the miasma of devices, tools, and other bric a brac of kitchen gadgets and items when attempting to make something as simple as a sandwich.

Thankfully there are those that have the foresight and the ingenuity to come up with these clever kitchen hacks that can be copied and even improved upon by people experiencing the same issues. So with that in mind, here are a few ideas for kitchen organization that can possibly help you to regain control of your kitchen.

10. Hidden knife block

Ever wonder if there’s a place you can really put that bulky knife block so that it’s not in the way but is always accessible? Well this innovative idea is perfect if you have the space and the know how to make it happen. By including this clever sliding panel beside an oven or even in between other cupboards you’ll be able to retrieve a knife whenever you need it with the greatest of ease, and it will open up that needed counter space. Just be certain to clean the block every now and again as it could possibly get a little dusty.

9. Pots and pans rack

Space and organization in a kitchen are big issues for most anyone. Pots and pans, as well as their lids, can be a big issue for any kitchen, as even when stacked they can take up a good deal of needed room. With this method however you can slide them in and out as you need them, keeping them safe and secure in their own special cupboard. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need to clean out the cupboard now and again just to keep it from becoming cluttered or even a bit dirty.

8. Cutting board/cookie sheet storage

You don’t need a whole stack of cutting boards or cookie sheets unless you’re a baker or a chef, but even a few such items can cause a huge pile up in your kitchen. By attaching a unique and helpful little cubby to the inside of your pantry door you can sock these items away with ease. A simple strap attached to the cubby will keep them from falling out, and allow you to take what you need with ease. Just make sure you clean your boards and cookie sheets before putting them in, as it could result in a mess otherwise.

7. Spice Rack

Let’s face it, everyone has had this problem once or twice in their lives. If you’re picky about your spices you likely have more than you know what to do with, and as a result you have a wide variety of spices you know nothing about as they’ve sat in your cupboard for months if not longer. By creating a useful shelving device such as this you can at least see what you have and make a better decision when it comes to using them. If nothing else you will know exactly what is in your cupboard, and when you might need to go out and get more of one spice.

6. Cleaning closet

Every kitchen needs cleaning supplies located somewhere close, but you also don’t want to store them near your food or cooking supplies. With this cleverly hidden closet space you don’t need a lot of room and you can easily latch it to keep it from being opened by children. Your mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies are close at hand and easy to access without being near the food supply. Safe, easy, and secure!

5. Labeled containers

The pantry is one of those spaces that can get out of control very quickly, and almost always proves to be a chore when cleaning out or organizing. With this method you can know where things go and escape the overall struggle of having to sort through everything in order to make sense of it. One word of caution however, take the time to make certain that the containers are cleaned out at least once a month if not more, as bags can split from time to time.

4. Measuring cup conversion chart

Ever notice how your measuring cups can get into disarray so easily? With this method you not only keep them where they belong, but you’ll never again have to guess how much of one measurement can make another. This chart is designed to allow you to see the necessary amount you will need to make many different items and offers a secure place to put your measuring cups once you are done. Just make certain that they are clean and dry before you hang them.

3. Utensil hanger

Your cupboards are no doubt filled with utensils such as ladles, spoons, tongs, whisks, and other such items that can be essential to cooking but hard to store. This simple hanging device can make certain that they are kept out of the way and even made to be more accessible. Just make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly before hanging them up, otherwise it could cause a big mess.

2. Plate and bowl racks

Plates and bowls can be a chore to put away, particularly if you put them high up where gravity can work against you. Instead of placing them too high try putting them in their own cupboard at a lower level with specially designed brackets that can keep them safe and secure. Just remember to dry them thoroughly before putting them away to avoid any mold or mildew problems.

1. Foil and cling wrap hooks

A lot of people have the issue of where to put the foil and the cling wrap so that they’re out of the way, but then there’s the hassle of putting them away and creating another mess. Instead of dealing with this continuously try this simple hack of putting plastic hooks on the inside of your pantry door. Measure them out so that they will hold the average roll of foil or cling wrap, and then secure them and never have to worry about storage again!


There are thousands of kitchen hacks out there that can be incredibly useful if you just look. As you attempt these however take into account the dimensions of your kitchen and how much space you have to work with. Otherwise, enjoy!

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